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So, here I am, 10 days before Christmas and I haven’t shared a single Christmas recipe. On the other hand, just like EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

I’m not a good blogger, I tend not to follow trends or update my Instagram feed twice a day… I’m chaotic that way. Plus, I hate winter and I spend every single minute of it dreaming of wearing shorts and flip flops and walking down the beach, so the festive season always catches me off guard.

But hey guys, I made it! This recipe is not strictly for Christmas and that’s the beauty of it. You can make this cookies any time of the year, although I think they’re best from October to April,  that cinnamon smell in the house always makes me think of fall. I used a snow flake shaped cookie cutter to make them look a little more festive, but you can use any other you have at home.

Hope you enjoy the recipe!


For about 30 medium sized cookies.

120 g butter at room temperature.

75 g brown sugar.

60 g powdered hazelnut.

195 g all purpose flour.

25 g cornstarch.

1 egg

10 g cinnamon

1.- Using your stand mixer, Thermomix or even by hand, beat the butter and sugar a little, just enough to make the mix soft. Use the lower speed on your mixer, we don’t want to add too much air into the butter or the cookies will lose their shape in the oven.

2.- Add the egg and beat at minimun speed, just until they are combined.

3.- Add the hazelnut (or any other nut of your choice, like pistachio or pecans), the flours and the cinnamon and again, beat them together just a little.

4.- I usually end the dough by hand, because you really don’t want to overbeat it. You need to get a compact dough that resembles a little of wet sand (see picture).

Not the best picture ever, but I want you to see the how the dough looks like.

5.- You then place the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper and flatten it with a rolling pin until it’s 5-6 mm thick.

6.- Freeze for 15 minutes and  then cut it using either a cookie cutter or maybe just a glass if you don’t have one.

7.- Line the cookies on your baking tray. I like to use a perforated mat (like this one) because it helps the cookies bake evenly and they don’t inflate in the oven.

8.-Preheat the oven up to 170ºC (340ºF) for 15 minutes. The dough has to be golden and crisp.

9.- You then have to put them inmediately in a rack until the cool down completely. When you take them out of the oven, your cookies will be easily broken, so use a spatula and be careful.

10.- To use leftover dough you have to repeat the process: roll the dough, freeze and cut.

Use good quality butter, it will define the flavour of your cookies. I like french butters for this purpose.

Try not to overheat the dough with your hands or even when rolling it.

Using perforated trays and mats really changes the results. Don’t buy one if you bake cookies once a year, but it’s totally worth it if you like baking.

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