Recipe in Spanish. Receta en Español. 

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, is travelling. I have been travelling since my parents sent me to the US as an exchange student almost  24 years ago and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. I haven’t tried either.

Having that in mind, mixing travelling and baking just seemed natural and I decided to start with this gorgeous cake, with it’s fairy tale name (originally called Lesny Mech in Polish) and it’s eye catching color. I doesn’t have a single drop of food coloring, the bright green comes from it’s main ingredient: spinach.

In times like these, when it’s all about super foods and greens, with Instagram filled with kale and avocados, I really don’t know why this beautiful cake hasn’t made it to top 5 trendiest in the world.

Let’s talk about Poland for one second though, before we dive into the recipe. My hubby, Mr. J, and I traveled to Poland on spring 2017. For non European readers, let’s not forget how easy it is to move within Europe: it just took 2 hours and 100€ (return) to fly to the country where WWII started. Truth be told, I had few expectations about Poland, it doesn’t seem like a very popular destination, but it surprised me. I found it beautiful and educating. It offers XX century history and culture like no other country I’ve been to and reminded that certain things should NEVER happen again.

 Wawel castle in Krakow.

Back to cake, moss forest is typical both in Poland and Turkey, where it’s called Ispanakli Kek, and it’s usually served with cream cheese and pomegranate or berries. I chose to use a big amount of spinach in it and not too much sugar: you can still taste the veggies in it, but wouldn’t be able to tell if it was spinach or something else.



Let’s get started!


450 g fresh spinach

4 freerange eggs

220 g white sugar

165 g all purpose flour

250 ml vegetable oil (I used sunflower oil).

15 g baking powder.


500 g mascarpone (2 tubs)

50 g powdered sugar

10 fresh strawberry, diced.

  • INSTRUCTIONS (serves 2 18 mm/7 inch springform pans):

1.- Wash your spinach and cut the big stems, then grind them with your food processor. I like to get a fine puree, so then you won’t find threats in your cake. Then drain the puree:  spinach has a high water content that would ruin your batter.

2.- Whisk the eggs together with the sugar.

3.- Add half of your flour, then the oil and beat together at low speed if you’re using an electric mixer. Then add the rest of the flour and baking powder.

4.- The batter is thick and it should be smooth. At this point, add the spinach.

Collage PicMonkey

5.- Preheat your oven at 180ºC (360ºF) WITHOUT fan. Grease your pans and fill them with your batter.

6.- Bake for 25-30 minutes, then let them cool for 15 minutes and remove from pan. Transfer them to a wire rack and let them chill completely.

7.- Combine mascarpone cheese with sugar and put in a piping bag.

This is the color the cake has once its baked.

1.- Trim the cakes to make them flat. Set the first layer.

2.- Cover the first layer using your piping bag, making a spiral from center to the edges of the cake.

3.- Dice the berries and distribute them over the frosting.

4.- Put the second cake on top.

5.- Crumble the leftover cake (from trimming) over your frosting to give it that rustic and green touch and add some strawberries on top.


I  hope you like it and make it! Share your pictures if you do!

Tag your pictures as #thisdoctorbakes on Instagram for me to see them!



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