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If you are as passionate about chocolate like I am, you will love this cake, with it’s deep chocolate flavour and it’s gooey texture. Despite having a good number of ingredients, it’s easy to make as it doesn’t require any specific utensils, just a couple of bowls and a whisk.

I have used this Cacao Barry’s  chocolate with 70% cocoa content mixed with milk chocolate (also from Cacao Barry), but you can use the chocolate you like, maybe 52% cocoa or even all 70% dark chocolate if that’s what you like, but try not to add more sugar. I have used olive oil because I like how it pairs with dark chocolate, but use any other flavourless oil for a milder taste.


As a doctor, I try to stick to science so I’m not a huge fan of gluten free or dairy free diets, unless you’re intolerant to gluten (celiac)/lactose. I did decide to use cornstarch on this recipe though, so it won’t lose the gooey texture during baking. If you are lactose intolerant you can substitute the regular yoghurt for a lactose free version or a soy yoghurt.

Let’s get started!


For 2 12 cm/5 inch cakes

2 free range eggs

75 g plain yoghurt (1/2 a pot)

60 ml olive oil

1/2 vanilla bean

80 g brown sugar

20 g pure cocoa

65 g cornstarch

10 g of baking powder

30 g powdered hazelnuts

40 ml milk (2 tablespoons)

90 g 70% dark chocolate

90 g 40% milk chocolate

Non-stick spray and brown sugar for the molds.

1.- Beat together the eggs and the yoghurt and then add the sugar, oil and the vanilla bean seeds,.

2.- Sift the cornstarch, cocoa powder and powdered walnuts (if you can’t find them on stores, just grind them on a food processor), the baking powder and, last of all, the milk.

3.- Use another bowl to melt the chocolate in the microwave. Don’t put it too long at a time, chocolate burns easily. I suggest you start heating it 30 seconds and checking.

4.- Pour the melted chocolate on the batter, you will notice that it thickens in a few seconds as you mix it.


5.- Prepare the molds with the non-stick spray and dust it with brown sugar, it will caramelize during baking.

6.- Preheat the oven at 175ºC/350ºF (no fan) and bake for 20 minutes. The center will still not be completely cooked when you take it out.



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