What summer. 2020 actually. It all started like ny other year. We celebrated the new year, I worked as usual and out of he blue, APOCALYPSE.

I can’t define these past 8 months, it’s been a non stop roller coaster for me. From the absolute bliss of having my dear friend Leo around to the deep sadness of losing Teo (my cat) and from there, to that weird state of confusion that was lockdown, as I went to work not knowing what I would find and hoping I wouldn’t bring the virus home. Around mid may, 2020 (thanks!) brought me the bundle of joy and endless playing that is little Leia. What a ride these 8 months have been.

Foto de Con un par de Maletas.

Each of us has developed their own coping mechanism. I have tried to recipes than can count. Some ended in the trash, other became all time favorites, like the ice cream recipe I’m sharing today. I was so sure it was going to the trash pile of recipes, I couldn’t really believe it when it was a complete success and had Javier try it, just in case.

You can either make your own sesame praline, which is caramelized sesame turned into a paste, using 40 g of sugar foe every 100 g of black sesame or with store bought sesame paste plus 40 g of sugar. I went for the praline version.


For 1/2 l.

2 egg yolks

150 ml whole milk

100 ml heavy cre

160 g sesame praline

10 g ice cream stabilazer (optional but recommended).

1. Bring milk and cream to a boil.

2. Pour over the yolks and cook until they reach 85°C.

3. Take away from the heat and add the praline and stabilizer.

4. Keep in the fridge for 6 h.

5. Freeze and mix every 3 h. If you happen to have a robot such as Thermomix or similar, just freeze and churn for about 30-60 seconds once.

6. Enjoy.

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