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Sometimes, you just wanna wake up to the glorious smell of a quick bread. As simple as that.

This is one of those recipes, perfect for this lockdown. For times when you need to keep yourself busy, without straining yourself or making a very fancy cake. We’re not celebrating anything big, just enjoying our life, spending time with our family, girfriend or cat, being grateful for not being sick or for having survived the virus. Although now that I come to think of it, there’s nothing bigger to celebrate than just being alive.



115 g unsalted butter

120 g sugar

195 g all purpose flour (8-9 g of protein)

15 g baking powder

5 g salt

2 free range eggs

120 ml whole milk

50 ml lemon juice

2 lemon’s zest

150 g blueberries


25 g caster/white sugar

1 lemon’s juice


1.- Beat the butter (room temperature) untill creamy. I add the lemon zest at this point, so it will release the flauvor to the batter.

2.-Add the sugar and beat until butter has turned white and fluffy. This will add air to the bread and therefore, make it more moist.

3.- Add the egg one by one and mix on low speed or even by hand.

4.-Add half of the dry ingredients and wisk together.

5.- Add half of the milk.

6.- Add the rest of the dry ingredients and milk and mix. Incorporate the lemon juice.

7.- Cover the blueberries in a small amount of flour, it will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of your pan.

8.- Bake in your previously heated oven at 180ºC/375F, without fan, for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

9.- While the bread is being baked, get the glaze ready. You just need to disolve the sugar in the lemon juice. If if doesn’t disolve, just warm it for about 20 sec in your microwave. Set aside.

10.- Once the bread is baked, you let it cool for a few minutes inside the pan, then unmold it to a cooling rack. While it’s still warm, pour your glaze. This will not only give your bread a tangy lemon flavour, it will also keep it moist for a longer time.

You may or may not decorate this bread, it has such a wonderful lemonny flavour that it doesn’t really need much else.

Can’t say goodbye today without reminding you all to stay safe. This time calls for taking care of ourselves and others. For love, kindness and empathy. We need to be responsible for the impact of our actions on other peoples lifes. Wear a mask in public spaces, wash your hands often and try to stay home as much as you can.

Lot’s of love to you all.


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